About us

This is the Blog of Volker J. Frost, and Sonja H. and Leona Malin Kirk.

Volker was born and grew up in Moers, Germany, a small city in the north western part of the country. Here he was engaged in many social activities such as kids’ camps, integration projects, and projects at social hot spots. At that time he had been editor of the cultural and event magazine MOCCA which became an institution in short time.

After finishing school Volker did his civilian service at a school for multiple handicapped kids. An experience that people should have gone through he says.

Professionally Volker turned to Chemistry and later focused on Chemometrics: He studied chemistry at the Gerhard-Mercator University in Duisburg, Germany and focused his research on near infrared spectroscopy. In order to evaluate the limits of this method Volker´s master thesis dealt with detection limits of inorganic salts dissolved in water using NIR. Later his studies turned to the application of genetic algorithms for automated calibration optimisation, and so he received his doctor degree in natural sciences in the year 2000.

After leaving the university Volker joined a technology company called SensoLogic GmbH near Hamburg, Germany. He started in the position of a project manager in software development for spectroscopy related applications and other analytical instruments and devices. His main projects came from Bran+Luebbe, Eppendorf, and Büchi. Over the years his job position developed, and Volker took over the marketing responsibility for the company’s products and services.

Three years later Voker was ready to go for new challenges. He was looking for the opportunity to combine knowledge of markets, project handling, and spectroscopy. That was when he received an offer to take over a position as International Sales Support for Near Infrared Spectroscopy at Büchi Labortechnik AG, Switzerland. The customers and prospects he was in contact with are active in almost every market segment from feed to food and from chemistry to pharma. This wide range broadens the horizon and enables to draw many interconnections between the individual markets and thus enabled him to support and advise Büchi´s customers successfully in many of their applications.

Volker´s global responsibility for sales strongly connected him with Büchi´s affiliates and distribution partners and gave him a lot of travel experience: mostly in Asia, Europe, and North America. Thus he created a distinct understanding of markets, sales and marketing approaches for advanced technical products, and challenging situations of competition. With that sound base of know how Volker developed into positions as Key Account Manager, Sales Manager and recently took over full reasonability for marketing, development, and sales as Business Area Manager for the NIR division at Büchi.