Good Morning

Is there anything better then lean on your sister?

Leona and Marlon do get along quite well – so far … and we are happy.

Happy 2 be here … Marlon Lennart

Many projects are facing small delays – but finally come to a good end.

The BIG project day has come: Our second little treasure has arrived! We, Leona Sonja and I, are absolute happy!
As soon as Marlon Lennart can speak, we will ask him what he thinks of his family, chemometrics and the rest of the (NIR) world.
The years until Marlon can speak will pass quickly without a doubt…

Here are some key facts:
Weight: 3460g
Length: 50cm
Date of birth: 12.04.2011
Time: 10:43am CEST
Mother and son are in good shape and health.

Best regards from the proud parents Volker and Sonja puttygen , sister Leona Malin and, of course, Marlon Lennart.
We hope you can soon get to know him personally.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011


To All our Friends and Family,

we wish you a peaceful, happy Christmas time and a great New Year 2011! – It is good to have you around.

Sonja, Leona, Volker and “Knuddelbär” 🙂